Services We Perform:

Dyno Tuning

A.A.P offers custom tuning specializing in both GM and Fords. The preferred software used is HP Tuners and SCT. From simple bolts ons such as CAI and Exhaust to force inductions set ups such as turbo or superchargers A.A.P can tune your ride in a controlled environment. No need to be speeding down the road trying to dodge cops and pedestrians. The Dyno we  have is a “loaded”  type dyno this means we can load the engine to create boost (for boosted applications) at lower rpms to recreate real life scenarios to tune the vehicle properly.  
Please call or email us with you set up and we can get back with you with a tuning quote. Generally speaking Dyno Tuning will cost in the range of $450-$850. Tuning is done by appointments only call today to get you in the schedule.
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Custom Fabrication

Turbo Installation

Supercharger Installation

General Maintenance