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I have seen how a simple oil change that would run a bill of no more than $30.00 turn into $300 to $400 mostly on maintenance that was not needed or worse yet, it was not performed at all!  We must give them credit. These service writers, mechanics and shop managers are trained well, they are very deceitful, and you might not know any better and agree to the services and repairs you might not need. They are after all the “experts”. In their defense they make money on everything they sell, weather you need it or not. Not much of a defense, right, but that’s just it, for them it’s all about money.

Not so at Affordable Auto Performance. Seeing these things happen on a regular basis made me angry. I was brought up as a Christian and a basic teaching is that you should treat others as you like to be treated.  I did not agree with many things going on around me, but I was in no position to do anything about it. That made me even much more determined to make a difference. We all need to support our families and we all have bills to pay. Affordable Auto Performance DOES NOT take advantage of anybody to put a few dollars in our pocket, if anything we go out of our way to make our customers happy.  I went into business to make a difference, even in a small scale



Our Customers love us!

Had an excellent experience, traveled from Georgia to get my car pampered at Affordable Auto Performance. All was well in the capable hands of Rae. I have a MazdaSpeed3 and I had struts replaced, Intercooler, fuel pump upgraded and exhaust installed.
Gabriel Liranzo
El servicio que Rae me brindó fue excelente, mi camioneta F-250 Diésel tenía un problema muy complicado que nadie podía descifrar y Él encontró la falla…
Lo que más me impresionó es que Rae estuvo trabajando para poder encontrar la falla hasta las 3:00am y tuvo que dormir en su taller, pues yo ocupaba la camioneta… Un servicio de esta índole ya nadie te lo da en éste país!!
Guillermo Cuevas
Great guys. Rae and Jose and the his crew are great. Good prices and great quality work. Highly recommended shop not just for high performance they do regular maintenance and repairs.
Mairon Gonzalez
Amazing and honest hardworking mechanics! They go above and beyond what they say they will do and you always leave there woth more knowledge than you came with. Ill keep going back.
Jay Perry
Im A Picky Car Owner..I Have A Mustang GT!..Like Everyone Else…I Look For A Place That Has Great Service…Repair What Is Needed & Nothing Else…Too Be Honest & Reasonably Priced..Not Another Rip-off Auto Shop! Affordable Auto Performance Is Honest, Up- Front With What Needs Repairs..& Most Of All Do Great Quality Repair…I Definitely Highly Recommend A.A.P..For All Your Car Needs!..Awesome
Gregg Jackow